I use Togada for all of my design and branding work. I choose them because I find them to be extremely professional and able to deliver above expectations on creative projects. They have designed logos, brochures, brand books for many of the companies I own/represent.

Dwain Reid - Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Working with Togada was great and a professionally polished experience. They showed an instinctive understanding and great sensitivity of our aims during the production of the SAFE YOU training manual – which at the end, turned out to be a fantastically presented proper book. With the clever illustrations and a fresh look, it stands out from the array of anti-doping education materials and relates well to our target population of young people involved in sport and exercise. Words cannot adequately capture how delighted I was with the product. The book itself is the best testimonial for Kingston Talent. Funded by the European Union ERASMUS+ Programme, we worked to very tight deadlines. Togada Studio made the impossible possible; and a very cheerful and exciting experience. I will definitely be back for more!

Andrea Petroczi - Professor of Public Health - SAFE YOU

Togada were commissioned to document CirKT, a live music programme funded by the Mayor of London and Kingston Council in 2019. We wanted to work with a dynamic creative agency that understood what we were trying to achieve and could embed themselves in the local community. Togada documented the journey for us - working with audiences, artists and industry professionals across multiple venues to promote and capture the essence of the project. The final film is a testimony to their talent and determination to understand and interpret our brief - they did a great job.

Kingston Council

Togada's professionalism and quality of outcome was exceptional, as always. The guidance provided by yourself and your team on how to communicate our need was very helpful, and we particularly appreciated your patience with our suggested edits and alterations. The team was talented and diligent. The team clearly took the time to understand our need and desired outcome, and this was evident in the final outcome. I think very highly of the work that was produced by you and your team. Our comments and edits were handled particularly well, and it was great to see these incorporated into the final work. Additionally how you worked with us at the beginning of the project to capture the nuances of what we were trying to communicate was excellent. The level of communication between yourself and us as clients was excellent. The level of professionalism throughout also made our partnership extremely valuable. We are not yet in the best position to answer this question, as the video is part of an ongoing communications strategy that we hope to see pay dividends by the end of the academic year.

Kingston Hub

Our team has enjoyed working with Togada for several years and are consistently impressed by the quality of work they produce, and the way they help us to communicate our community projects through film. The creative team works well together and has a strong visual style, which ensures the identity of any project is captured consistently. The Togada team have done an outstanding job on the SHEDx documentary, which successfully portrays the breadth and variety of a wide-ranging project with sensitivity and care. Your powerful documentary will help The Community Brain in applying for future funding streams to help progress further projects, including a sustainable community hub in Tolworth called The Farm of Futures. Thank you!


We wanted to highlight the great work and programmes we run at Surrey Arts with a series of films representing our different groups. The team at Togada were responsive to our needs and created films that supported the range of activities we provide. They made those being filmed comfortable and made the process smooth with clear objectives of what we wanted to achieve and what they would deliver. The films have been well received and are a great way to present Surrey Arts.

Dan Brown - Business Development Officer - Surrey Art

We started working with the team at TOGADA in 2016 via Kingston University when we were organising the first TEDxKingstonUponThames event. TEDx events must be filmed so we needed a reliable film crew to make this happen. The TOGADA team are a lovely group of professional people.TOGADA have been easy to work with, dependable with excellent communication throughout. TEDx events have particular rules on how they're supposed to be filmed. The filmed talks everyone has seen on YouTube are one of the most important parts of the TEDx experience. TOGADA understood this, following the rules and making sure the videos have that classic TED look. The TEDxKingstonUponThames talk videos made by TOGADA have been viewed on YouTube over 300,000 times. We couldn't ask for much more than this to promote our ongoing events.


Thank you for the video, I was expecting a good video I was not expecting such an amazing video, thank you very much the video has turned out to be beyond our expectation.