Surrey Art

Company documentary + video interviews


Live action


Surrey Arts offers support, tuition, and advice to people interested in music and arts. Their primary goal is to make arts-related activities accessible to all, enriching the lives of their community. A wonderful initiative but that needed a push to be heard by the main stakeholders of the area. Luckily, Togada’s live action team was on the case, determined to bring to Surrey Art’s cause all the attention it rightfully deserved.

What we did

Surrey Arts is for everyone: teens and children tipping their toes in the world of creativity, established artists looking for a place to call home,  young adults trying to pick up a new craft.  Tickling the imagination of such a diverse audience can be challenging, especially when touching on something as personal and subjective as artistic sensitivity. We wanted to highlight our client’s vision while celebrating their role in the creation of a lively, thriving community. And what is more inspiring than an outstanding example? This is why we created a documentary series to recount the successes of its many, many members.

Benefit and result

The video series did not only celebrate the outstanding work of Surrey Arts, but it also helped them dramatically expand their reach. Thanks to our coverage, the conversion on their marketing campaigns grew by an outstanding 20%! We are proud to have contributed to their growth, as new members, partners and donors took part in this beautiful project.