Video Presentation


Live Action


Penna is a leading recruitment agency based in the UK. They focus on their people’s wellbeing, ensuring the satisfaction of their customers and their employees through a uniquely dynamic culture. The organisation is built through a simple, yet powerful concept: FUN. Through fun, Penna is able to attract the best talent, engage its staff, and retain its client base.

What we did

Penna needed was a cool and exciting way to make themselves known. That’s when Togada swooped in. We created a vibrant presentation video perfect to launch the viewer into Penna’s world, highlighting their values and celebrating the successes of their team.

Benefit and result

The video did not fail to impress. Rising over a plethora of PowerPoint presentations, it was a much-welcomed staple of Penna’s identity, character, and business approach. It stood out from the crowd, bringing a fresh breeze of excitement in a sea of repetitive business presentations. There is no doubt: thanks to Togada, Penna definitely left a mark on its audience!