Kingston University

Training videos


2D animation


Kingston University is renowned for its commitment to excellence and innovation. A commitment that extends beyond the upgrade of courses and facilities, and makes the training of its staff an absolute priority. But courses and educational material are not often digestible, even if the target is well… academics themselves. This is why Kingston University came to us to create the first instalment of their video training series.

What we did

The challenges were clear: we had to transform a highly academic text into an engaging, piece of media, without losing accuracy, technicality… and the attention of our audience!  The message was also incredibly important, as it offered insights on how to build constructive relationships between students and teachers. This is how “Good Practice in Assessment and Feedback” became a bright coloured and light-hearted animated video. The 2D characters match the Kingston University color palette, and our voice actor was chosen specifically for his clear pronunciation and energetic attitude.

Benefit and result

The video was a success! Both teachers and nonacademic staff appreciated the two-minute animation, praising both its quality and its convenience. The short length of the product, as well as the possibility to play the video on different devices, allowed employees to quickly share the information with each other, speeding up the training process and increasing engagements rates.