Istituto Freud

Promotional videos


2D animation


Education should be fun, exciting, and inspiring. Istituto Freud, a private secondary school with a unique vision, delivers on those promises. It offers an innovative programme, with a visionary study plan that sets it apart from other Italian institutions. But attracting the brightest minds of today is not an easy task – this is why they turned to us to accomplish their quest.

What we did

Istituto Freud’s approach to education is groundbreaking and unique. While its rich formative offer is one of their main strengths, it could be hard to explain to a public used to a more traditional and standardised teaching approach. We needed a video that was not only direct, accessible and informative but also able to grab the attention of both prospective students and their parents.  Our creative team succeeded, delivering a seamless animated video in 2D able to effectively illustrate all the wonderful possibilities offered by the institute.

Benefit and result

Thanks to our video, young bright minds from all over the north of Italy discovered Istituto Freud and joined the hundreds of students already enrolled in their programmes. Furthermore, the creative process helped the school to better articulate their value and offer, dramatically improving the quality of its branding and marketing material.