Figment Agency



2D Animation


Figment is a web agency with plenty of technical expertise to help medium and small businesses maximise website performance, be found online, and ultimately increase sales. Those marketing mages are a blessing for both established and up-and-coming business owners, but there is not much they can do when the complexity of the subject is enough to scare away non-expert audiences. It was up to us to find a way to charm the digital sceptics, wrapping the science in a colourful, accessible and humanly friendly package.

What we did

To keep the audience from being overwhelmed, we produced a series of short and to-the-point videos, characterised by a distinctive palette and a fast engaging pace. Small little bites of crucial information, perfect to be shared online and carefully tailored to bring Figment’s potential customers in the whimsical world of digital communications.

Benefit and result

Thanks to our video, Figment was able to convert many leads into faithful clients. But they did not only attract the occasional web dwellers – our material helped to enrich pitches and presentations, convincing even the most hardened sceptic to at least consider the wonders of digital work. Figment’s existing clients were equally enthusiastic, offering positive feedback on the design, the style, and the clarity of the explanation.  Of course, Figment was satisfied.  So much that we are already in the process of making a new, exciting video series!