videos 3D

Animated videos are one of the most popular forms of visual communication. At Togada, we tailor each video to bring you the results you seek and enhance your brand reputation. Depending on your goals, you can pick and choose between a wide selection of products, formats, and animation types. Here you will find some of our most popular services. 

Add an extra dimension to your videos.



3D character

We bring your characters to life: be it your business’ mascot, your original character or the star of an upcoming animated masterpiece, our team will be able to design, create and animate each figment of your imagination.

science & pharma

3D animation has revolutionised the way we communicate scientific discoveries and promote pharmaceutical products. Our expertise includes medical illustrations, animated and interactive videos, and augmented and virtual reality. With us you’ll be able to display complex medical therapies, the functioning of drugs, and how your medical technology works.



3d animation VIDEO AD
and entertainment

To quote Walt Disney: “If you can dream it, we can do it!” If you want to tell a story, promote your products or even produce your own cartoon, here at Togada we make it possible.

Product visualisation

Show your products  to your customers and stakeholders. Thanks to our accurate and advanced 3D renderings, you will be able to display your goods, explore their potential and engage with your audience in a novel and effective way.