videos 2d

Animated videos are one of the most popular forms of visual communication. At Togada, we tailor each video to bring you the results you seek and enhance your brand reputation. Depending on your goals, you can pick and choose between a wide selection of products, formats, and animation types. Here you will find some of our most popular services. 



Display your product, highlight your services, and explain the benefits they bring to the world: our promotional videos will reach your target audience quickly and effectively, carrying a message meant to inform and inspire.

Educational videos

There’s no better way to touch (and teach!) your audience than through a story. Increase engagement by transforming notions, guidelines, and concepts into entertaining storylines. 


Train your team with our custom animated videos. Save time, money and improve your employees’ experience, creating a modern, fun, and dynamic work environment.

Product / service explainers

It is not always easy for your audience to understand the value of a specific service or a new product. Visual communication is essential, helping new and returning customers to visualize, relate to and appreciate your company’s outputs.


Social media

Stand out of the crowd! Populate your social media platforms with fun, engaging and easy-to-digest video clips.

2D Motion graphics

Give a modern look to your company! 2D motion graphics can bring new life to your logo and propel your brand straight into the digital age.